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Address: 1st Floor Bkav Building, Yen Hoa New Town, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi.
Phone: (84-24) 3763 2552
Fax: (024) 3868 4755
Website: http://www.bkav.com.vn

Established in 1995, Bkav Corporation is the leading firm in network security, software, smartphone manufacturing and smart home. In the field of network security, antivirus and mobile security softwares of Bkav have been present in more than 100 countries all over the world. The corporation has preeminent security experts. Bkav is known as the security firm to discover the first critical flaw in Google Chrome just days after its launch in 2008. Bkav was also the firm to trace the master server in Britain of unprecedentedly massive DDoS attacks targeting US and Korean governments’ websites in July, 2009.Bkav Corporation is known as a manufacturer of security appliances such as intrusion prevention system Bkav Network Inspector, Bkav Antispam GW, Bkav WebSecurity Scan. Bkav is also providing collaboration software products (messenger, workflow management, mail, video conference).

In electronics industry, Bkav is a smartphone and smart home manufacturer. With Bkav SmartHome, every equipment in your house will be connected and controlled automatically based on smart context scenarios via touch screen or tablet, hence creating a convenient, safe and energy-saving living environment.


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Network security

Bkav currently has a full range of network security products including: Outer protection solutions of the system, internal protection solutions through controlling security policies for each server and workstation; system to monitor and detect early attacks to professional network security services, and antivirus solution Bkav. These are essential network security products and services that any organisation needs:

Outer protection solution – Next Generation Firewall Appliance – Bkav IPS Firewall: Beside the features of a next generation Firewall solution, Bkav IPS Firewall is one of the very few available firewalls in the world that are fully equipped with DDoS and web protection features based on Artificial Intelligence technology, which can be compete with other Firewall products from Cisco, Fortigate, Checkpoint, etc.

Internal protection solution – The management solution of security policies (Bkav Total NAC): Through standardizing security policies, the solution will intercepts APT attacks using malicious code. Currently, regular NAC solutions in the market (eg Cisco Clean Access) have features to ensure that computers are protected by anti-virus software. However, those solutions cannot intercept special types of viruses used in APT attacks. Bkav Total NAC is a comprehensive NAC (network access control) solution which is integrated with advanced features to intercept such type of viruses.

Security monitoring and warning solution – Bkav SOC (Security Operation Center). Bkav SOC is capable of detecting early advanced persistent attacks. It warns administers so that they can isolate and handle the compromised computers, to prevent hackers from going deeper into the system. Being a product by an anti-virus software manufacturer, Bkav SOC has the ability to accurately detect and alert attack signals, especially targeted attacks, which similar products on the market such as HP OpenView, IBM Qradar cannot.

Professional network security services: Currently, Bkav provides a full range of network security services for customers, from checking and assessing vulnerabilities on websites, operating systems, applications, etc. to training network security experts and training on network security awareness. 

Bkav anti-virus software products: Occupying 85% market share of individual users in Vietnam. Solutions: Bkav Internet Security for individual users, Bkav Endpoint for Enterprise, Bkav Gateway Scan for Mail Server System.

Bkav aims to expand the market to other countries in the world, firstly is the regional countries.

Bkav Smarthome

Bkav Smarthome is the lastest generation of smart home system in the world with outstanding technology – according to the valuation criteria by Gartner.

Bkav Smarthome system connects all electric devices in the house together as a network system and controls them based on smart contextual scenarios. The controlled devices include: lighting system, curtains, air conditioners, television, stereo system, door lock, water heater, ventilator, security camera, video door bell, watering system of mini landscapes and aquarium. Owners can directly control their house on wall-mounted devices or via smartphone or tablet.

Bphone – High-end Smartphone Made in Vietnam

Bphone was created, researched and developed by Bkav Corporation, by Vietnamese intellectuals who mastered all aspects from design, mechanical design, electronic design, software and production. Bphone research factory is fully equipped with advanced tools and machines for engineers to research, test and create complete samples at the factory. Prototype versions will be created after testing; simultaneously, optimizing the process, and standardizing the stages, production technology. Once there is a complete prototype of products, all the stages, technology, machinery, lines,… are transferred to Meiko Electronics partner to assembly – also a partner of printing gold-plated circuit boards for Bphone 2. Bkav will train Meiko Electronic staff, workers and transfer standards to put into mass production. During the production process, Bkav has a closely monitoring team to supervise the compliance with processes and standards that Bkav has set for partners, to ensure high quality, high-end smartphone made in Vietnam.

Over 3 versions since its first launched in 2015, Bphone has made strong improvements. Therefore, Bphone 3 is well received with positive reviews from experts, reviewers and users. After a month of selling, the number of Bphone 3 sold is over 10,000 units, equivalent to Bphone 2 sales last year. This is a positive signal for the Vietnamese technology industry as we will see next high-end smartphone generations of Vietnamese people in the future.