DT Asia Pte Ltd

Address: Unit 1501 – C Tower – 275 Nguyen Trai – Ha Noi
Tel: 0936 313 669
Website: www.dtasiagroup.com

DT Asia Pte Ltd is led by former IT security and business leaders from HP and Dell with more than 20 years of experience across various geography and market segments.
DT Asia began in 2007 (Data Terminator https://data-terminator.com) with a clear mission to build market entry for various pioneering IT security solutions from US, Europe and Israel. Data Terminator has successfully laid the foundation to our next phase of value-added distribution and added confidence to our channel partners.
DT Asia identifies and partners with forwarding looking technology companies to jointly bring clear and targeted security solutions to our partners and customers. Our intent is to offer our partners a committed and competitive advantage and opportunities to differentiate themselves in this competitive security solution space. These products range from start-ups to early adoption stage with cutting edge technologies.
DT Asia possess a targeted distribution and go to market strategy. Channel partners are important to us in different ways. Every business has its strength and value to deliver in different aspect.
A clear market and channel segmented bottom up mapping, differentiates us from the traditional one size fits all approach. Be it value based or volume-based approach, it is always a deliberate go to market approach at DT Asia.

Latest News

DTAsia introduces solutions from reputable countries in the world on security field such as USA, Israel, Italy, Hungary …
One Identity syslog-ng – high performance log management for your SOC

  • Yubico – next generation 2 factor authentication for cyber users
  • Intellinx – machine learning user behaviour monitoring and fraud management
  • SSH – encrypted communication and privileged access management