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Forcepoint is transforming cybersecurity by focusing on what matters most: people’s behavior as they interact with critical data and systems. This human-centric approach to cybersecurity frees employees to innovate by understanding the normal rhythm of user behavior and the flow of data in and out of an organization. Forcepoint behavior-based solutions adapt to risk in real time and are delivered via a converged security platform to protect network users and cloud access, prevent confidential data from leaving the corporate network, and eliminate breaches caused by insiders.  Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint protects the human point for thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries.

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Brief Description of Products to be introduced at the event
1. Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) connects and protects people and the data they use throughout the enterprise network – all with the greatest efficiency, availability and security. Trusted by thousands of customers around the world, Forcepoint network security solutions enable businesses, government agencies and other organizations to address critical issues efficiently and economically.
2. FORCEPOINT Enterprise-class Security Solution for Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is rapidly changing how organizations work – transforming communication into collaboration and making information available in new and exciting ways. But, with all the new opportunities this suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offers come the same imperatives that organizations have faced for years. Escalating threats from outside attackers and insiders who accidentally or maliciously compromise critical information are constantly finding new ways to put your data at risk.
3. Forcepoint’s family of products – Forcepoint Email Security, Forcepoint DLP, Forcepoint Web Security and Forcepoint DLP Endpoint work together to protect organisations critical information as different parts of any organization begin to take advantage of Office 365. Forcepoint’s unique approach keeps security close to organisations data – in the cloud, on the road, or in the office – IT Administrators can mix and match cloud and on-premise systems safely and efficiently, managed together from one console, enforcing the same consistent policies.
4. Forcepoint Insider Threat Data Protection
Forcepoint’s Insider Threat and Data Protection is the industry’s first solution that provides an early warning to an insider threat and prevents the exfiltration of organisations intellectual property and regulated data. It gives organisations visibility into users and data, and provides complete data protection by linking data movement to user behavior. Forcepoint protects organisations from hijacked systems stolen credentials, rogue insiders and accidental data loss.
Forcepoint’s Insider Data Protection is the combination of its industry-leading Enterprise DLP solution, giving organisations visibility and control of data movement, with its unrivaled Forcepoint Insider Threat solution that applies behavioral analytics and forensics to identify risky user behavior.