Mr Kong Chong Ming

Mr Kong Chong Ming,

Senior NetWitness Technical Specialist, RSA, South East Asia

Chong Ming is a Senior Technical Specialist at RSA Singapore with more than 10 years of experience in IT Security. Prior to joining RSA, he spent 6 years with the Singapore Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) and was instrumental in the setting up of a new Security Operation Center. He led a team of analysts in carrying out Security Operations to protect MINDEF IT Infrastructure and performed incident handling and response. Chong Ming also has extensive experience in the Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) space where he led the introduction of SIEM into MINDEF’s environment and enhanced MINDEF’s cyber defense monitoring and response capabilities.
In RSA, Chong Ming works with key industries such as government agencies and financial institutions, providing the necessary security advice and consultation required to enhance their IT Security posture through process and technology improvement. With his end-user experience in SOC operations, Chong Ming is continually called upon by organizations to provide security consultation from an end-user and a technologist perspective of SOC operations.


In an era of ever-expanding attack surfaces, protecting against threat actors – from commodity malware, insider threats and crimeware to exploits, hacktivists and terrorists – has become an increasingly complex activity. Not all threats are created equal, yet disconnected silos of prevention, monitoring and investigation technologies continue to fall short in empowering security operations centers (SOCs) to rapidly weed out false positives and provide focused indicators as opposed to opened siloed alerts. What’s needed is a comprehensive and collaborative solution that enables security analysts to detect and respond to threats that really matter to the organization.
RSA NetWitness UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) is an advanced analytics solution for discovering, investigating, and monitoring risky behaviors across all users and entities in your network environment. NetWitness UEBA is used for:
Detecting malicious and rogue users
Pinpointing high-risk behaviors
Discovering attacks
Investigating emerging security threats
Come and listen to how you can detect risky behaviors across all your organization users and entities and respond with pinpoint accuracy and confidence!