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Nowadays, public agencies and private businesses in Vietnam are incrementally embracing  digital transformation to improve operational efficiency. However, as data moves off-premise and the  number of connected devices explodes, hackers can now take advantage of the expanding attack  surface to commit far more sophisticated crimes. According to Authority of Information Security  (Ministry of Information & Communications), as of September 2019, Vietnam ranked 2nd worldwide  in terms of malware infections, 3rd in terms of botnet attacks and 2nd in South East Asia for email ones.  Notably, powered by such 4.0 technologies as AI/ML, Big Data and Automation, attacks have considerably grown in size, duration and frequency, leading to unprecedented data exfiltration targeted  at national critical infrastructures and businesses’ sensitive systems. As a result, in the last few years,  there has been a considerable increase in the national investment in cyber defense solutions. 

Continuing success of the 2019 event, with an aim to keep Vietnam’s organizations updated  and adaptive with latest trends of modern-day cyber landscape, Vietnam Security Summit 2020 will  be held on November 10, 2020 at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 under the endorsement of  the Central Economic Commission and Ministry of Information and Communications; IEC  Group, Department of Industry (Central Economic Commission) and Authority of Information  Security (Ministry of Information and Communications) are co-organizers. Featuring the theme  “Cyber security in the AI & Big Data era”, the event creates a multi-dimensional and in-depth  platform for leading domestic and international experts and IT vendors to discuss and share  experiences in order to improve the coping and protective capacities with non-traditional cyber security threats and critical information systems. For more information, please visit: https://securitysummit.vn/2020/. 

The event includes the following activities: 01 Keynotes Session hosted by the leadership of  the Central Economic Commission and the Ministry of Information and Communications; 02  Conference Sessions with the participation of 200 delegates/session; 01 International Exposition gathers over 30 domestic and international leading security corporations and enterprises. The event is  expected to attract more than 800 senior delegates from the Government and the private sectors such as Finance – Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Retail & E-Commerce, Transportation – Logistics, Energy, Manufacturing, etc. 

The Keynotes Session with the theme “Cyber security in the AI & Big Data era” provides  an overview of the cyber security situation and covers the latest trends of Vietnam’s cyber security. In  addition, in the context of the data storage and confidentiality of the Government and State agencies posing many issues, the Executive talk brings international experiences sharing, strategies of countries,  organizations and businesses in the field of cyber security, data storage, risk management. 

Featuring the theme “Monitoring & preventing cyber security threats to national critical  information infrastructure”, the Conference Session 1 proposes the cyber security solutions and  technologies in key areas such as e-government, smart urban construction and governance, energy,  payment infrastructure and transportation infrastructure, etc. The panel discussion promotes  knowledge exchange and public-private partnerships to improve the national critical information  confidentiality capacity, the cyber security threats detection and response. 

The Conference Session 2 with the theme “Next-gen information systems security” shares  the latest trends of cyber security threats and the business solutions to respond to cyber-attacks. In  addition, the panel discussion focuses on sharing and proposing solutions to help businesses optimize  their investment strategy for effective cyber security systems and IT platform. 

Run along the conference, the International Exposition gathers over 30 tech giants to  showcase newest ground-breaking technologies, including Cloud Security, IoT Security, Endpoint  Security, ICS/SCADA Security, Threat Intelligence, AI Security, Next-gen SOC, Passwordless  Authentication, etc. 

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