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Mr. Ajay Kumar

Mr. Ajay Kumar
Director, Solutions Engineering - APJ, BeyondTrust



Ajay Kumar has over 15 years of experience in cyber security, and 7 years specializing in privileged access and identity access management. Prior to becoming the Director for Solution Engineering – APJ at BeyondTrust, Mr Kumar was the Regional Technical Sales Leader for over 7 years at IBM.

A trusted cyber security advisor to enterprise customers, his experience spans across several industries such as banking, insurance, energy and utilities, in addition to state and federal government. At BeyondTrust, Mr Kumar heads the regional security engineering department, helping enterprises and government agencies improve their security posture against internal and external threats.


Universal Privilege Management – What it is and How you can maximize it in your organization?


Threat actors continue to take advantage of the lack of privilege control in organisations across Singapore. 80% of all breaches involve some sort of privilege credential, and nearly 90% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities could be mitigated just by removing admin rights.

A new era of Privilege Access Management has arrived – The Universal Privilege Management. It’s about more than managing passwords in a vault for a limited set of privileged users. This is no longer enough. Today’s challenge is managing the explosion of privileges across your enterprise, and shrinking the windows of exposure across a widening attack surface, which continue to grow with the expansion of cloud, internet-connected devices, DevOps, and more.

Watch this session to learn how to protect your privileged accounts, including not only traditional administrators, but also external vendors, help desk staff, and also non-human accounts such as applications and service accounts.