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Mr. Manas Paikray

Mr. Manas Paikray
Head of Group SOC Engineering Team, United Overseas Bank Group (Singapore)



Over 17 years of Experience in designing and operationalizing large scale enterprise Infrastructure and Systems Integration in global companies like UOB, Securonix and GE Capital.


Finding the Needle in a Needlestack–Next Generation Analytics in Cyber Security using ML & AI


In cyber security, “analytics” is an evolving area. Security analytics have their own challenges due to high volume of discrete data feeds and the requirement for faster detections. We have several security products which help in finding the “needle in haystack”. However, attackers are already leveraging advanced machine learning techniques for sophisticated cyber-attacks and hence to detect advanced threats we need to take holistic approach by using advanced techniques and new technologies which will help us in finding the “needle in a needlestack” and which will be more actionable and tangible.