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Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thanh

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thanh
Sr. Solution Consultant, Trend Micro Vietnam



He’s a recognized expert on cyber security with nearly 20-year experience in IT Security industry. He has been working as Senior Consultant in Trend Micro Vietnam for more than 10 years now and got certified by Amazon, Hashicorp, Vmware, EC-Council,… for his knowledge in the field.


Risk mitigation with AI-powered threat intelligence


Applying artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually occupying an undeniably important position in many fields. With the ability to “interpret” data and make complex data-driven decisions, AI-based technologies are able to fulfil tasks with a level of sophistication close to that of humans, which enables faster processing speed, accelerates the growth of business operations, and enhances user experience.

Cyber security technologies providers have also been constantly researching and applying AI in their solutions. If successful, AI can improve threat detection and prevention abilities, including new and unknown threats. AI application must always be through advanced data processing mechanisms in which the accuracy of results is always of the top priority. For many security vendors, the data processing analysis mechanisms will be supported by threat analysts who will partition, extract, and construct core features to obtain high quality input information. The support will help assure that the results of data analysis is more accurate, thereby help protect businesses in a smarter and more comprehensive manner… Join with Trend Micro to gain an overview of risk mitigation with AI-powered threat intelligence.