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Ms. Nguyen Bao Ngoc

Ms. Nguyen Bao Ngoc
Project Account Manager, HIKVISION Vietnam



Ms. Bao Ngoc has been working in CCTV Surveillance Industry including Cyber Security for CCTV system for more than 16 years.
The more things are connected to the internet, the more risky people might be in. So, how Hikvision has been developing tools, technology to keep clients being safe on internet? How to protect “users” when they “move” in internet?
On behalf of Hikvision – a World leading IoT solution provider, over 19,000 RnD Engineers – she is going to present you Hikvision’s responsibilities in Cyber Security of CCTV system, she is going to help CCTV system users be more safe and be able to protect themselves.


Cyber Security in CCTV System


Hikvision Cyber Security White paper
The surveillance industry originally relied on analogue technology which operated on private networks. In those days, the industry focused on product cost, performance, and ease of use. As the industry has transformed from analogue and isolated to digital and networked, we have seen the benefits that the digital and networking revolution brings to the surveillance industry. However, we have also witnessed the spread of various types of malicious cybersecurity attacks from the Internet to the surveillance industry.
Cybersecurity is not only the responsibility of product manufacturers. Everyone who participates throughout a project’s lifecycle, including users, system integrators, operators, system designers, and other service providers, are all responsible for using cybersecurity best practices. All stakeholders must contend with the same cybersecurity challenges. The solution to this problem is 30 percent technology and 70 percent management.