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Ms. Jolene Lim

Ms. Jolene Lim
Technology Consultant
RSA NetWitness Business (South East Asia)



Jolene has been a Technology Consultant with RSA for more than five years, supporting the RSA business in the South-East Asia region. Her experience in information security spans between government agencies and commercial customers to provide security consultations required to enhance their IT Security posture.

Jolene also spent a year in the RSA Headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, developing the threat intelligence and engine behind the RSA NetWitness Platform. Her experience also includes serving as an incident and response analyst in a 24/7 Security Operations Centre with a Global 100 Conglomerate company.

She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors), Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, and is a certified GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst (GCFA).


Insider Threats: Is your biggest enemy in your own backyard?


As digital initiatives evolve business operations, the ‘weakest link’ becomes an amplified factor as any issue can quickly escalate into a major business risk. Your employees could be the organization’s biggest security threat.

As we all place our focus in external threat actors because they are thrilling and following attack patterns, one that we have seen frequently is that, organizations do overlook harmful security threat at their own backyard, which really are: their own employees.

Insider threats are dangerous because they can vary from disgruntled employees with malicious intent to careless staffers with poor security hygiene. A matter of minutes is all you have before a cyber threat compromises your organization and take out your brand. Insider threats can come from almost anyone within the organization, making it a prime concern for businesses to accelerate threat detection and response.

Join us in this session and see how a data analytical approach is a proven way to handle today’s sophisticated threats and automation of insider threat detection.