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Mr. Nguyen Van Tao



Nguyen Van Tao is the founder and CTO of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, one of the pioneers in the field of cybersecurity in Vietnam.

Working experience from technical support position to director, technology consultant for units such as Oppo, FPT … helps him understand the technological barriers that domestic and foreign enterprises often face. right, thereby realizing the great challenges as well as opportunities in the field of IT and security in Vietnam.

VNETWORK Company was established and operated for nearly 10 years in the IT field with many products and services certified for security from Rapid7, ITSCC, Gartner and digital transformation awards.

Besides successfully leading VNETWORK to develop both at home and abroad, Nguyen Van Tao is also a strong influence, inspiring research to technology students, and constantly sharing knowledge to help technology students. raising awareness of information security in the network environment for thousands of students and future employees of the country.


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