Mr. Dao Hoang Duong

Mr. Dao Hoang Duong
Deputy Head of Telecommunications and Information Technology Department
Vietnam Electricity (EVN)



Mr. Dao Hoang Duong is currently the Deputy Head of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Department of the Group, in charge of Information Security activities and ensuring the operation of EVN’s own telecommunications and information technology infrastructure systems.
He has been involved in the IT sector of EVN since 1995 and has taken part in many major IT and information security projects for EVN and its affiliates. He has also played a role in formulating and implementing key, consistent and integrated policies and plans for information security and cybersecurity within EVN. EVN’s information security system is fairly harmonized and high-quality in terms of process, human resources and technology. EVN has also helped enhance information security and boost the national cybersecurity ranking in the past few years.
Securing Data & Applications: Challenges & Solutions


Software, web and internal application flaws are the main sources of information security incidents and risks. Data breaches can lead to fraud, harassment and disturbance using personal information.
To minimize software vulnerabilities, threats and weaknesses need to be identified and addressed throughout the application lifecycle, from analysis and design to deployment and testing. The speaker will share EVN’s experience in ensuring information security and data safety based on the best practices in the world