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Mr. Pham Quynh Thang

Mr. Pham Quynh Thang
General Director
Allied Telesis Vietnam Co.,Ltd



Mr. Pham Quynh Thang, General Director of Allied Telesis Vietnam has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of ICT technology and has been in charge of many different positions, from solution consultant to sales and operation manager for leading multinational companies in the world such as ZTE, IBM, HPE and now Allied Telesis. With extensive knowledge and experience in products, technology solutions as well as the projects consulting and transferring process to many customers in different fields, Mr. Thang understands the difficulties and challenges for businesses in the time of digital transformation, especially security issues for IT network infrastructure. And what solutions will help solve those problems for businesses, provide assurance in the operation process and help businesses achieve optimal business performance will be his sharing in the Vietnam Security Summit 2022.


Building a Self-defense Network for Enterprise in the Digital Transformation Age


Nowadays, cybersecurity attacks are more and more serious and popular, with bigger scales, causing unpredictable damages to Enterprises. It is really critical for enterprises to build an optimal security system which helps them to protect from all cybersecurity threads. Those cybersecurity attacks from many directions and levels also force Enterprises to install various kinds of security applications. But this will cause high complication and risks for operation and management. Besides, those attacks are more focusing on edge network, where installed with vulnerable IoT devices without security tools. It means security on edge network should be paid more attention.

In order to solve all above issues, Allied Telesis has applied Software Defined Network and AI technologies to launch an optimal solution – that is AMF-Security: Allied Telesis Self Defending network.