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Mr. Dinh Trong Du

Mr. Dinh Trong Du
Senior Technical Engineer



Expert in security solutions and mobility management.
20 years of experience working in the field of Electronics – Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Consulting solutions on Samsung Knox, helping businesses / organizations prevent sensitive information from being leaked during the use of smartphones, tablets, block all intrusions from malicious software. Help manage devices centrally, configure mobile devices into personal and work spaces, and synchronize device administration policies for organizations, improving user efficiency.

Provide in-depth technical knowledge and organize training courses on Samsung solutions for other customers and partners in Vietnam


Enterprise Data Security in Mobility Management


Nowadays, mobile technology is being applied by enterprises in their activities. Many services are now not only stopping at the “design for mobile devices” (Mobile First) approach but even moving to Mobile Only: Only providing services through mobile applications without traditional PC platform support. The gap in functionality between mobile devices and traditional computers is narrowing and is no longer even clearly felt.
Smart mobile devices are being used more and more commonly in all fields, from finance & banking, education, healthcare, logistics to manufacturing and retail…
The increased use of mobile devices in workplace exposes many organizations to major challenges in terms of security as well as management of devices, applications and data. The desire to harness the benefits of mobility while minimizing the associated risks forces organizations to look for the right enterprise mobility management solutions.