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Mr. Lau Yan Qing

Mr. Lau Yan Qing
Sales Engineer



Yan Qing joined Delinea in April 2022 as the Channel Sales Engineer for Asia. He has over 14 years of Cybersecurity experience and is a Zero Trust Advocate. He is responsible for developing and enabling partners to help their customers and organisations in the region. As they adopt and implement the Delinea Privileged Access solutions. He regularly collaborates with partners and customers around the region as well as many of the Global 2000 companies in Asia on different security initiatives.


Journey to Zero Trust Security with Modern PAM


Privileged access management is critical for any organization that wants to build zero-trust security. Just-in-time PAM helps your organization give the right access to the right users at the right time. With a Zero Trust security model, nobody is trusted automatically, even when they’ve cleared the perimeter. Instead, all identities are verified, minimum access is granted based on context, and activities are monitored to make sure controls are working as expected.