Home Speakers MR. LE HOANG DUONG


Director of Cyber Security Center, FPT Information System Corporation



Mr. Le Hoang Duong has officially joined FPT Information System Corporation (FPT IS) since 2007. He has been working at multiple positions at the Company, such as Corporation-level Technology Expert, Head of Network and Security Technology Department, Director of Cyber Security Center.

Starting as a network engineer, Mr. Duong has taken part in various large IT infrastructure projects in fields of Government, Telecommunications, Finance – Banking, etc. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience help him achieve multiple major certificates in network and security, including the CCIE#38142 certificate in February 2013.

In March 2021, Mr. Duong is appointed Director of Cyber Security Center of the Company. Since then, under his direction and administration, the Center has become one of the most prestigious units, providing quality information security solutions and services for Ministries/Departments/Sectors, Provinces/Cities, as well as domestic and foreign enterprises, including 24/7 incident monitoring and handling service FPT.EagleEye mSOC (SOC as a Service); Consulting and assessing services for PCI DSS certification; Consulting, assessing, roadmap building services for information security for organizations and enterprises in accordance with international standards; Information security testing services; and others.




Digital transformation is seen as one of the important strategies, strongly affecting organizations and enterprises in Vietnam. However, digital transformation poses a number of challenges, especially in information security: How can organizations and enterprises protect data and digital assets during and after the transformation process? To tackle such issue, organizations and enterprises need to develop their information security teams’ capability, consolidate relevant processes, and adopt appropriate security solutions. This is one of the major challenges even for big names. Understanding the situation, FPT Information System Corporation (FPT IS) has researched and developed mSOC, a 24/7 incident monitoring and handling service, to assist organizations and enterprises to secure their data and digital assets during digital transformation.
The SOC platform in mSOC service offers high compatibility and cross-platform support for systems, devices, and applications deployed on-premise and on-cloud such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, etc.
mSOC helps organizations and enterprises reduce investment costs while it ensures monitoring and handling capability. As per demands, MSSPs will provide mSOC service with multiple selections including hardware, software, licenses, processes, monitoring and handling experts, etc., specific to the needs of organizations and enterprises.
Integrated with outstanding features, mSOC service is one of the priority choices of organizations and enterprises in the process of digital transformation.