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Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh

Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh
Vice President, VNG



Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh is a well-known security expert with 26 years of experience in large-scale online applications, blockchain technology, firmware, chipset, and micro-architecture. Mr. Thanh previously worked as a CPU Security Architect at Intel Corporation and was responsible for the security of Intel’s next-generation technologies, such as Atom Mobile & SoC platforms, vPro & Management Engine, Ivybridge, and Haswell micro-architecture.
Mr. Thanh has presented at various international research conferences, including Blackhat USA, Hack In The Box, Deepsec, or Pacsec and he has been a member of the review board at several conferences and events worldwide, namely HITB Security Conference, Qihoo 360 World CTF, Syscan HCM, and Defcon AIVillage. He has helped organize the very first Capture The Flag events in Asia for HITB Security Conference since 2006.
Mr. Thanh currently serves as Vice President of Information Technology at VNG Corporation, Non-Executive Chairman at Verichains and Polaris Infosec. In 2013, Mr. Thanh was recognized as one of the recipients of the 9th ASEAN CIO-CSO Award.

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