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Mr. Valerian Rossigneux

Mr. Valerian Rossigneux
Director, Sales Engineering



Valerian Rossigneux – Sales Engineering Director
Valerian Rossigneux has over 15 years of experience in fighting hackers in the European and Asian region. As a seasoned risk practitioner, Val knows the threat vectors and understands how they operate enabling him to design security strategies to stop breaches

Novel cyber evasion techniques – Novel zero trust model


For security teams on the front lines and those of us in the business of stopping cyberattacks and breaches, 2021 provided no rest for the weary. In the face of massive disruption brought about by the COVID driven social, economic and technological shifts of 2020, adversaries refined their tradecraft to become even more sophisticated and brazen.

In this session, Val will first highlight key findings in CrowdStrike’s 2022 Global Threat Report and how enterprise risk is coalescing around three critical areas: endpoints and cloud workloads, identity and data. This is followed by a focus into how critical it is for organisations to adopt a Zero Trust model to securely enable data to be accessible from anywhere anytime.