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Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh

Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh
Senior Security Engineer



Vu Ngoc Anh is a Senior Security Engineer and is responsible for sharing digital security in the Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience in Vietnam’s biggest ISP, Enterprise and Cyber Security world. He has worked with organizations including Government, Telcos, Banks, and other industries to secure their organizations and digital workplace. He holds extensive experience in system integration, develop ISMS and consult organizations on addressing cybersecurity challenges. Vu Ngoc Anh’s passion is to learn, practice and share the way we build and operate effective security management system.


Trellix XDR Ecosystem Towards The Enterprise Security Architecture


The unification of two leading companies in securities is McAfee Enterprise and FireEye forming Trellix with a native integrated product ecosystem for XDR platform including Endpoint Security, Network Security, Email Advanced Analytics and supporting open architecture to share intelligence reports about real-time network security threats.

We do not consider XDR as a product or high-class tool focusing on solving the problem of malicious code, information security threats. Trellix XDR is built in the form of a platform to solve five frugal problems of businesses related to safe security operations:

– Managing cybersecurity threats, malware (Threat Management)
– Reconnaissance, intellectualizing, forecasting and evaluating the defensive ability (Insights) of the current system.
– Supervising and detecting threats on the risk of loss and data breach towards data and information safety of the business (Data Protection).
– Analyzing and detecting bad behaviors (Behavior Analytics)
– Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, expert knowledge to guide and support effective information security operations.

Trellix XDR is developed by Trellix Labs. This is a research and development center to exploit the global strength from the security threat intelligence system, to research, data science, machine learning technology, artificial intelligence combined with leading experts’ knowledge. Trellix XDR will become the central tool of security operation and SOC, supporting the detection, analysis and response to security incidents quickly, effectively and proactively.