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Ms. Aditi Jain

Ms. Aditi Jain
Principal Product Manager
ARCON TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd.



With a BTech in Computer Engineering, Aditi Jain is a self-described technology enthusiast. She has had a long tenure in the Information Technology and security industry, which has given her diverse experience in the execution and management of Application Security projects. Aditi currently works as a Principal Product Manager with ARCON, where she is in charge of the Privileged Access Management, User Behaviour Analytics, Security Compliance Management solutions and many more solutions.

Aditi’s excellent people skills enable her to engage deeply with existing clients and prospects and explore how different organizations deal with security issues. Her leadership qualities help her manage her team of product managers, functional analysts, and document writers with ease. At ARCON, she is known to drive products with multiple strategies, create roadmaps and feature definitions for products, and manage releases expertly. Aditi is also a speaker at various events and conferences on the subject of cybersecurity.


Meeting The Identity and Access Challenges in a Multi-Cloud World


Organizations are fast adopting a cloud-first approach in order to enhance their IT operational effectiveness and efficiency. However, in pursuit of this, the risk surface is getting increased. As organizations adopt a multi-cloud approach, more and more digital identities are being created. End-users using these digital identities access cloud resources literally from anywhere. In this backdrop, the threats of credential abuse and data breach increases significantly when identity and access management practices are not robust enough to manage the cloud resources.

Therefore, in order to ensure a seamless transition, organizations must have proper mechanisms to deal with Identity and Access Challenges in a multi-cloud world. From user provisioning to on-boarding and from having an intuitive workflow matrix to ensuring just-in-time access to applications, a unified platform is extremely important to manage and control a large number of identities dispersed across multiple cloud environments. ARCON’s robust identity and access management solutions provide secure access to multi-cloud environments. The solutions help to establish secure access to perform any task, while advanced AI/ ML analytics detect endpoint anomalies and prevent unnecessary & unauthorized permissions.