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Ms. Yaki Yang

Ms. Yaki Yang
Project Sale Manager



Ms. Yaki deep-tillages in the Vietnam security market, having extensive solution and marketing program experience in commercial and government projects.
Cyber Security and Monitoring Solutions for Smart CitiesCyber Security and Monitoring Solutions for Smart Cities


Creating a secure and serene environment is essential for cities to develop and thrive. With increasing urban densities, cities need more advanced technologies to safeguard people and property. In years past, urban management relied entirely on manpower to ensure safety – police and private security guards. With the emergence of video technologies, cities welcomed a much more efficient way for keeping a sharp eye on things. Now, a very basic surveillance system makes first response and crime investigation much easier and faster.

This is, of course, only the first step to more efficient and intelligent urban management. More than just intelligent applications, eventually the insights gained from this process could generate surprising new applications, enabling any safe city to be perpetually improving.

On behalf of Hikvision – a World leading IoT solution provider, over 19,000 RnD Engineers – she is going to present you Hikvision’s Smart city solution and share successful cases in Vietnam.