Mr. Li Hai

Mr. Li Hai
Director, Cyber Security, Public Affairs and Communications Department, Asia Pacific



Master,University of Wuhan, CHN
16+ years in ICT industry, 16 + years in Huawei
10 years Product and Solution Marketing Department
7+ years,Cyber Security,in Public Affairs and Communications

7+ years:
Communication and Cooperation with Germany BSI, France ANSSI,Spannish INCIBE,EU ENISA,Malaysia CSM,Thailand NCSA,Indonesia BSSN, Philippines DICT,Cambodia MPTC, Laos MTC, Sri Lanka CERT,Nepal NTA,China MIIT&CAICT,OIC-CERT for ICT security such as 5G security,Cloud security,AI security and etc..

Cyber Security Safeguards a Prosperous Digital Economy Unleashing Value by Reliable Data