Mr. Nathan Neo

Mr. Nathan Neo
Solution Engineer



Nathan is a Solutions Engineer from Cloudflare. With extensive experience in Web Application Firewall (WAF), bot management, API security, and DDoS mitigation. As a member of the Cloudflare team, Nathan has successfully delivered innovative security solutions, safeguarding organizations from emerging threats. With his expertise, he has empowered businesses to protect their web applications, enhance user experiences, and defend against malicious activities.

Cloudflare One – Network of the Future


This presentation provides an overview of how Cloudflare can help secure hybrid work and accelerate business transformation through the adoption of Zero Trust principle and SASE architecture model. It explains how ZTNA enables secure access to internal and cloud resources. It also discusses the role of Secure Web Gateway in defending against Internet threats by relying on Cloudflare’s comprehensive threat intelligence and emphasizes integrating Zero Trust architecture into existing ecosystems. Cloudflare’s user-friendly approach allows seamless integration with your existing providers. It also emphasizes the benefits of adopting a SASE architecture and Zero Trust principles, including reduced attack surface and mitigated breach costs.