Mr. Ngo Minh Nhut

Mr. Ngo Minh Nhut
Director of Software Engineering
OPSWAT Vietnam



Mr. Minh Nhut Ngo is an accomplished software engineer and tech leader with over 10 years of experience in software development and cybersecurity.
Currently, Nhut serves as the Director of Software Engineering at OPSWAT Vietnam, where he leads the R&D team in developing advanced threat prevention technologies to safeguard IT infrastructure. Prior to joining OPSWAT, Nhut was an AI Research and Speech Engineer Leader at Autonomous Inc. In addition to his work at OPSWAT, Nhut is also a well-respected lecturer at the University of Science HCMC, where he has taught for nearly 8 years.
Nhut holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Information Science and a Master of Science degree in Information Science from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He has also obtained certificates in Machine Learning and Digital Signal Processing from Coursera.

Advanced Malware Detection and Zero-day Threat Prevention to Protect Critical Infrastructure


Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, particularly in critical infrastructure where any cyber-attack can cause significant damage to a nation’s economy, security, and reputation.

In this presentation, we will be discussing a comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity solution for IT and OT environments used in critical infrastructure. Our solution incorporates advanced technologies to ensure maximum threat detection, zero-day attack prevention, and data loss prevention.

OPSWAT solution maximizes threat detection with advanced multiscanning technology. This technology allows for the detection of known malware using multiple antivirus engines, resulting in a higher detection rate and minimizing the risk of false negatives.

Besides, OPSWAT solution offers industry-leading content disarm and reconstruction technology that prevents zero-day attacks by removing the malicious content from the files and reconstructing them into a safe format. This approach is effective against even the most sophisticated attacks that traditional antivirus software may miss.

Furthermore, OPSWAT solution also includes proactive data loss prevention technology to monitor and control sensitive data, such as credit card information, social security numbers, and intellectual property. This helps ensure that data is not leaked or stolen, providing comprehensive protection against data breaches.

OPSWAT comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity solution provides a robust defense against cyber threats in critical infrastructure.