Mr. Pham Trung Nhan

Mr. Pham Trung Nhan
Cyber Security Architect
Noventiq Vietnam



Nhan Pham is a highly skilled and experienced Cyber Security Architect with expertise in network security and information technology operations. He holds several certifications in information security, such as Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Associate, Microsoft Security Administrator Associate, and Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert.
Prior to joining Noventiq, Nhan Pham worked at Swiss Post Solutions as a Microsoft 365 Engineer for over 3 years. During his tenure, he collaborated with other engineers to ensure that service quality met the requirements and agreements of branches in the EMEA, NA, and APAC regions. With extensive experience in managing the Office 365 environment for approximately 3,000 users, Nhan Pham effectively collaborated with global units to ensure the stability of technical services.
Currently, as a Cyber Security Architect at Noventiq Vietnam, Nhan Pham provides consulting, planning, and deployment services for Microsoft cloud projects in the APAC market. His expertise in implementing Microsoft 365 deployment projects for production infrastructure, data and service migration, security improvement, and compliance makes him a valuable asset to clients. Nhan Pham regularly participates in guidance sessions on Microsoft’s Security and Compliance solutions for internal technical teams in the APAC region, highlighting his commitment to keeping up with the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Insider Threat Management


In the era of explosive information technology and post-COVID cloud computing, alongside the practical benefits, businesses are increasingly facing security threats from hybrid systems and remote work environments. Sophisticated cyber attacks are targeting the shift to cloud computing and the expansion of user workspaces, all with the ultimate goal of exploiting stolen company data.

Understanding the growing need of businesses to find an effective solution to protect and prevent data loss, Noventiq comes to this conference with the aim of providing a fresh and comprehensive perspective for businesses in recognizing and safeguarding data, their most valuable assets.

By closely integrating with Microsoft’s data protection solutions, along with the development of our data classification and protection framework called “Building an Information Protection Culture in Business,” we are ready to accompany you on the path to establishing an easily accessible and efficient business process, staying ahead of the data protection trends not only globally but also in Vietnam, where an increasing number of data protection regulations and standards are expected to be enacted in the near future.