Mr. Rohan Sood

Mr. Rohan Sood
Scantist Pte Ltd



Rohan is the Head of Operations and founding team member of Scantist and is the founding member of this NTU spin-off. Scantist believes that cyber-security should be an enabler, and not a threat, in the efforts to build a smart society.

Rohan oversees product development and business operations. Rohan is also a fervent champion for the DevSecOps movement and is passionate about web development and the capabilities of big data. Rohan being a fanatic web-developer and Cybersecurity enthusiast, is also part of is a non profit organisation where they build and supercharge innovative digital tools to address societal issues. At the society, Rohan and his committee members help organisations do more social good using technology.

Rohan also represented Singapore’s Cyber-Security start-up ecosystem at the Department of Homeland Security’s annual showcase in Washington DC thanks to the PMO’s National Research Foundation Singapore.

“Shifting Left” in Security : How DevSecOps Helps You Stay Ahead of Security Threats


CyberSecurity for Software Developers.

The use of open source software has grown exponentially in recent years as it makes life easier for developers and users alike. However, the lack of security standards applied to these applications can put users at risk.

Scantist is a convenient way for organizations to track, manage and audit open source licenses for projects and products. Embark on a journey to proactively mitigating security vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle.