Viettel Cyber Security Company

Address: Keangnam Building – Landmark 72, Pham Hung Rd., Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 0971.360.360

Viettel Cyber Security Company is an organization directly under the Military Telecommunication Industry Group, conducting in-depth researches and developing information security solutions and in the meanwhile, providing information security services for domestic and foreign organizations.
Viettel EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)
The cyber-attacks nowadays are increasingly diverse in terms of size and purpose. Persistent attacks, the created malicious codes dedicate to bypass protection systems of the organization to hijack a user’s computer and carry out escalating attacks. Computer administrators are facing many difficulties such as not detecting abnormal behaviors in the computer, difficulties in complying with information security policies, …

Viettel Cyber Security Company’s experts conducted in-depth researches and developed Viettel Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) to solve all above issues.

Viettel EDR is the solution to detect and prevent from Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Endpoint is based on the latest technology in the world, suitable for all businesses and organizations.
The computers installed Viettel EDR will be monitored comprehensively, ensured to eliminate all risks of exploitation and hijacking.
1. Using technology to monitor the behavior at the deepest level of the system.
2. Monitoring the behavior at the deepest level.
3. Manage information security policy compliance on the Endpoint.
4. Timely warnings of irregularities detected on the Endpoint.
5. Operation occupies <1% of system resources.
6. Provide self-contained interface for investigating the attacks: Detection – Investigation – Response.
7. Easy and friendly management interface