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Digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have been taking place intensively in Vietnam with huge impacts on all socio-economic sectors. However, this journey also poses major challenges for Vietnam’s cybersecurity which is at alarming situation with a series of APT attacks aimed at critical infrastructures such as airports, banks, financial services, etc. The evolving attacks focus on Phishing, Deface and Malware to steal sensitive information and extort organizations, enterprises and individuals. These attacks not only directly threaten the operations and assets of organizations and businesses but also affect national security.

Addressing top concerns

  • VND14,900 billion (about US$642 million) for losses caused by cyber crimes
  • 6,567 attacks on websites including 3,818 Deface attacks, 1,800 Phishing attacks and 949 Malware attacks.
  • 60% of network systems in public agencies and businesses were infected with ransomware.
  • Over 15,700 security breaches in software and applications
  • More than 1,6 million computers in Vietnam have lost data in 2018.
  • Security issues have become more serious with the ubiquity of devices and applications on SMAC, IoT, BYOD platforms.
  • A series of APT attacks on critical infrastructure systems such as airports, banks, transportation …
  • The growing development resulted from the Fourth Industrial Revolution brought major challenges in securing information.

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